Wiktor Franko

Shapes are really important for a photographer and Wiktor succeeds in creating with the human body such nice shapes. Wiktor works with MapleLeafOnlineCasino and other sponsors.

Edward Aninaru

Edward is such a good photographer. (And the light in US is so warm.) I¬†would kill to be his assistant. What do you think about these images?        

Andreea Retinschi

Andreea Retinschi is the first photographer that I stalked. I love her style, and the stories that she tells in her images are really powerful in my opinion. Can you remember who

Feature: Julia Oh

Because we all know how hard it is to make a good self-portrait, I want to feature this week someone that excels at this chapter, from my point of view. I present you Julia and

Feature: Benoit Paille

Benoit Paille is a Canadian photographer that, despite the fact that his models are different, keeps his style, making his photographs easy to spot, as he prefers to play with